DriftCon 2016

DriftCon is an ambitious and glorious idea. It combines almost everything there is to love about cars. You want to look at tastefully modified cars? They got you covered. You want to buy the latest and freshest parts for your never ending project car? The vendors got you coved. You want to inhale copious amounts of smoke (and not just from the vapers right next to you)? The Hoonigan Hoon-off contest has you covered. You want to see some of the best drifting talent in the northwest go head to head for the coveted points in the Formula Drift Pro-Am series? Well they got that too! There's enough going on to satisfy almost every car enthusiast and non car enthusiast (those exist?) alike! 

Under picture perfect northwest summer weather, the show cars glistened and the drivers pushed their drift cars to the ragged edge (literally...some found the ragged edge of the 3/8ths banks and did a bit of off-roading, which got the crowd quite excited!). Booming music from the DJ booth in the car show and the screaming tires being pulverized into sweet clouds competed for control your ears. It was overwhelmingly exciting! Especially when you had the likes of TJ Fry and Cole Werner engulfing the media box and grandstands in smoke so thick you could cut it with a knife during their Hoonigan Hoon-off competition.

There was plenty of drama to be had in the Pro Am competition. It started early with Travis Reeder and Brandon Schmidt one uping each other in qualifying scoring nearly perfect scores of a 94 and a 97. Coming off strong showings in Pro Am Round 1, Travis made a rather quick journey to the final battle, while Brandon Schmidt had to battle through a petition on a judge's call and crashing into Matt Vankirk in their battle. Vankirk, in usual fashion, battled his car more often than the competition, with numerous car issues through out the day. Nevertheless, he put on a great showing all the way to the final against Reeder. The final between Vankirk and Reeder featured some of the best driving I have seen at an Evergreen event ever. Congratulations to the both of them and to the rest of the drivers out there that put on one of the best DriftCons to date. 

Evergreen Drift Pro Am results:

Travis Reeder 1st

Matt Vankirk 2nd

Brandon Schmidt 3rd

Team Tandem results:

Team Cream 3.14 1st

Destroy Drift 2nd

Team Squirrel Gang Lit 3rd

Hoon-Off results:

TJ Fry 1st

Cole Werner 2nd

Trenton Miller 3rd

Enjoy the photos and video from the event and see you at DriftCon AfterDark!