EVD Pro Am Round 4

The Evergreen Drift Pro Am season is nearing it's end, and every driver was feeling the pressure in the race for the podium points. This means each one was pushing themselves harder and harder to earn the grace of the judges. There is no reward without risk. This was the first time the event was running the daunting 5/8ths bank in Pro Am competition which pushed each driver to test their limits.  Either they were rewarded with the judges' delight or with their own cloud of smoke as they ultimately found the limit and spun out. It made for a spectacular competition!

After the round of qualifying in the morning, Brandon Schmidt had earned himself the top spot with a 94 point run. Travis Reeder and Matt Vankirk as per usual rounded out the top 3 qualifiers.

Running the big 5/8ths bank definitely favored some of the more seasoned Pro Am drivers who had a bit more experience maintaining their high line and angle across the entirety of the wall ride. Nonetheless, the Great 8 featured some fantastic driving and big risk taking leading to some super close wins. 

The Final 4 was between Tyler Grimsley, Matt Vankirk, Travis Reeder, and Brandon Schmidt. All extremely talented drivers laying doing equally impressive runs. Only tiny mistakes were the defining differences between a win and a loss. 

In the end, it was Matt Vankirk that came away with the win after a battle with Brandon Schmidt. Brandon earned himself 2nd place, feeling redeemed after a less than ideal performance in the last event. Travis Reeder came away with a 3rd place. 

Going into Round 5, only 26 points separates the top 3 drivers: Reeder, VanKirk, and Schmidt. Round 5 is going to be quite the showdown under the night lights of DriftCon AfterDark!