cameron moore

EVD Open Drift April 4th, 2016

So it's been a while since I have been out to the track at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington. But it was like visiting an old friend you hadn't seen in a long time. In a way many things had changed and yet it hadn't. Many familiar faces with a smattering of new ones come to try their chops at sliding a car and having some fun in a perfect pacific northwest spring (almost summer like) day. The smells of burnt rubber, high octane gasoline and screams of engines being flung to the ragged edge filled my senses. It was good to be back at the track. Oh yeah! You could feel it in the air. It was electric (and very smokey courtesy of drivers like Cameron Moore and Brandon Schmidt turning rubber into clouds). 

Being that this Open Drift was a week before the first official Pro Am competition of the season, many heavy hitters were out putting the final touches on their set ups. Cameron Moore, Dio Ortiz II, Tyler Grimsley, Travis Reeder, Matt VanKirk and Brandon Schmidt were a few of the top drivers putting on a good show on the huge 5/8ths bank. It was great to see these drivers pushing each other to go bigger and faster, pushing their skills and comfort zones in preparation for the upcoming competition. 

Adrenaline spiked, ears ringing, and sun shining. It's going to be a good season! Good luck to all the drivers. 

Take a look through the gallery and enjoy a video of Brandon Schmidt throwing it around the track!

NissanFest 2015

April 26th saw hundreds of Nissan die-hards and car enthusiasts alike come from all over the Pacific Northwest to Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington for this year's NissanFest. Put on by, NissanFest is a spectacle of car culture. Within the playground of Evergreen's gates, spectators and enthusiasts found a car show full of beautiful customized Nissans and Datsuns, an Autocross Time Attack, and a thundering drift competition. The drift competition provided the grand finale for the event as the grandstands were filled with clouds of tire smoke, the smell of burnt rubber you could lather on like after shave, and the roar of booming V8s and screaming turbos. Mechanical troubles plagued several of the drivers during the event, with one even having to push start his car each time it was his turn to battle. Despite the gremlins, the competition saw spectacular, hard fought battles and a few untimely collisions leaving doors crunched in or bumpers dangling by zip ties. When the smoked had cleared, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place went to Erich Hagen, Cameron Moore, and Matt Vankirk respectively. Congratulations to them and all the participants of NissanFest, who helped make this an amazing experience. 

Be sure to check back soon for video coverage and click through the drift competition gallery below.