DriftCon AfterDark 2015

When the sun goes down, the beasts come out to play.

DriftCon AfterDark is a special event. A night time a car show and drift event that feels more like a festival from DiRT 3 than your typical car event. The 'festival' started in the wanning hours the day, with a diversity of beautiful cars big enough to satisfy every type of fanboy rolling in under the warm golden sunlight. Every car show should start just before sundown. That golden sunlight and stunning automotive works of art made for a photographer's and carguy's paradise. There were vendors of all kinds selling many things I wish I could afford. There was music filling the atomsphere from cars parked in the show, vendor boths, and from the main stage with some beautiful dancers interprating the electronic rhythm and beats. As the night drew closer, the music was accompanied by the whistles of turbochargers and booming V8s from the track as the drift competion got under way. It all made for a pleasing cacophony of sounds baraging your ear drums.

Night fell. The stadium lights flickered and fizzed on. And now the party's main event began. Drift events during the day are impressive enough by themselves; but a drift event at night, that is like seeing a color image of the Orion Nebula for the first time. The track is alive with neon colors, flashes, flames, and clouds of colorful smoke. Many of the drift cars sported colorful neon glowing accents that looked as those the world of Tron was the event. Combine that with the occasional bright flashes from flaming backfires and you were treated with a very colorful and adrenaline pumping spectacle. The tire smoke takes on much more of a presence as the stadiums shine through it giving it weight and character. The drivers were on their game during the competition, putting on a spectacular show for the fans. Once the winners had been awarded, the drivers went out for more drifting games: Biggest Reverse Entry, Parallel Parking, and Tandems. The fun and games carried the festival and now fluorescent-lit car show late into the night. 

A big thank you to ImportMeet.com for hosting this spectacular event. I cannot wait for next years.