It's a Subaru Thing

Subaru is an interesting company. Despite they're tiny niche market, they have somehow successful cultivated one of the most loyal followings in the industry. Yet Subaru plays two fiddles: the hippie green peace outdoorsy lot and the fire breathing turbocharged rally beasts. If this were any other car brand, these two camps would clash and scowl at each other for soiling the Subaru brand name. When it comes to Subaru car meets - all are welcome - it doesn't matter what side you are from. Whether that is a rugged and offroad ready Outback, a racetrack prepped STI, or even that one guy with 'HELLA STANCE BRO' on his WRX, each one shares a passion for the adventure on or off road that Subaru embodies. 

RainCity Subies is one such meet. I finally attended my first RCS meet at the Redmond Town Center. My inner car guy was blessed with seeing every Subaru owner stereotype there was at the meet. Each car was a representation of it's owner and it was inspiring to see the levels creativity, heart, and time that went into each one, whether is was that lifted Outback, that Tron style STI or anything inbetween. I catalogued so many ideas that I wanted to steal and craft into my own car build.  It was exciting to see so many people from such diverse backgrounds come together around one central passion. That's what makes these meets so special. Whether you are there for your first time or meeting up with now old friends, you never know who you'll run into, what connection you'll make or what adventure you may embark on. And it's easy to strike up a converstation with anyone there because at least you'll always have the cars to talk about. Don't worry they don't bite like Honda owners. 

If you own a Subaru, and you live near the RainCity (aka Seattle) make sure to check out the RainCity Subies group and come "Share the Love" as Subaru would say.